Saturday, 30 December 2017

A summer beach clean with Southsea Beachwatch

In the "Chrimbo Limbo" period, it can seem hard to remember the lovely warm, sunny days of summer, but back in August I took part in a beach clean up with the energetic volunteers of Southsea Beachwatch.

This was at Eastney Beach in Portsmouth, a beautiful area that I had only briefly visited before despite working for many years in Portsmouth.  The group were welcoming and it was quickly clear that they had been successful in keeping the shore in good condition.  At first, the general impression was of a tidy stretch of shoreline, but when you looked closer there were still plenty of plastic bits and pieces to pick up.

Yet another cotton bud
It was a wonderfully warm day and within a couple of hours, the group had collected a large amount of rubbish.  Southsea Beachwatch are very active in carrying out regular clean ups on the shore.  One of the best ways to keep in touch with them is to follow them on Twitter at @Southsea_Beach.

Eastney Beach, Portsmouth

Special thanks to Southsea Beachwatch for making me feel welcome on the day and for all their hard work in clearing up the shore. Not only does the beach look pristine, but the removal of so much plastic debris helps wildlife.  Please have a look at our vlog from the day. Apologies for some of the sound - it was a lovely day but the microphone managed to pick up quite a bit of the wind.

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