Thursday, 2 June 2016

Crowdleaf - from Ryan Carter

Green Hampshire is delighted to host a new guest article. Ryan Carter has an exciting new project to support green innovation called Crowdleaf and his article explains this in more detail. Thanks for getting in touch Ryan!

Hey, I’m Ryan Carter and I have just started @crowdleaf ( a new forum complete with a blog. CrowdLeaf is the seed that I am planting for tomorrow, CrowdLeaf is about bringing people together (the crowd) to create and own our future. By spreading awareness now and to bring all the opportunities together, to create a buzzing and thriving community whereby our efforts are met with support, our campaigns are boosted and our opportunities taken. 

CrowdLeaf is our space to share news, views, campaigns and initiatives. My aim is to bring together businesses, people like you and interested groups which can all contribute their bit. There are sections to cater to all your sustainability interests, so if you want to talk about investment opportunities in green or sustainable energy (which thousands of people including myself have made) there is a place for that. If you want to share an upcoming event or campaign that you are running or have found, there is a place for that. 

If you’ve got it, I want it on the forum, our members want it on the forum and you will want it on the forum. This is our chance to plant tomorrow's seeds, to create a world we want to live in. This forum serves its purpose best with all of us on it.I am honoured to have the support of Green Hampshire and to be writing here today, they along with you the reader can add real value for all of us to extract to this forum. Your knowledge, your views, your ideas, your energy, when you bring it all together it helps us grow together. 

If we all pitch in and and share our stories, news, views, campaigns and knowledge, be that the latest crowdfunding campaign or the news surrounding modern technology such as new technology in the form of new carbon capture sponges using baking soda and 3D printers. This forum can be a hub of activity and by capturing this energy give power to us all to create a greener and more sustainable world. This forum aims to bring all sides of our movement together; it aims to be the friend and adviser, the sustainable hub you go to first. Share what you’ve got, be that pragmatic campaigns, idealistic campaigns, pie in the sky ideas to solve the world's problems and knowledge on how to lower your personal carbon footprint. Common good investments and crowdfunding campaigns and interest bearing environmentally friendly investments. 

I will add knowledge where I have it, interesting stories where I find them and personal ventures where I have them and will do my best to keep the blog up to date. However there is a big but, this is organic and we need input, this will only work if we pool together and crowdsource the knowledge and create and grow a community. Thus I make not just an offer but a plea, if you or somebody you know has something to share add it to the forum and lets grow our knowledge base and power together. Create and invest in the future together at

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