Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Jelly surprise in Hamble!

On Sunday I was delighted to join friends from the Southampton branch of Sunday Assembly to help with a litter pick on the beach in Hamble.  There were only three of us but as usual I was surprised how much difference even a small gang of volunteers could make to an area in a short time.

Adie from Sunday Assembly Southampton clearing up litter

We found a number of jellyfish washed up on the shore and this is something that a lot of people are finding along the south coast of England at present. It's something to do with the warm weather apparently - the Solent is full of them and once in a while they end up on the beach.

At one point during the clear up we happened to see a cormorant stood peacefully on the beach, glancing around, and wondered if she was taking an interest in the activities of the fishermen up the shore from where she landed.  She stayed for a little while and we got a good look at her, a really beautiful sight which added a wonderful surprise to our happy morning of volunteer work. I can only apologise for not being able to take a better photo of her (I say her - for all I know she could have been a he of course!)

The Cormorant

Tom from Sunday Assembly Southampton

Soon lots of rubbish was cleared up including debris from a barbecue, a bit of a number plate of a car, some headphones and a rather smart bit of rope that one of the volunteers took with them to re-use! It had been a really satisfying morning at the beach topped off with an ice-cream and a stroll to enjoy the fruits of our efforts.  We often list beach clean ups and litter picks on our website so please do have a look at for more details on getting involved!

At the beach after the litter pick - note the big gun at Hamble
Special thanks to Sunday Assembly Southampton for their hard work - for more information about them please go to their Facebook page at

Poppies near the shore at Hamble


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