Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Green Hampshire - for volunteers, for the community

Green Hampshire
For Volunteers

We want to inspire and motivate volunteers to get involved and take part in the wonderful environmental and conservation projects that are going on all over our beautiful county of Hampshire.

A lot of people want to participate and we want to make it easier for volunteers to help with environmental projects. Where can volunteers go to find out what’s going on? That’s where we step in. 

Green Hampshire started after a group of local people chatted on twitter about setting up a website that featured lots of environmental events. That way, anyone who wants to take part can easily find out what is going on in their area and take action!

We list events from over one hundred environmental and conservation groups and organizations based in Hampshire.  These range from groups of volunteers who look after a particular area to national and even international charities. 

The events we list cover a broad range of activities including vital conservation work, beach clean ups and litter picks.  Meetings to discuss environmental issues, film screenings and talks to learn more along with walks and guided tours are listed as well.  Our aim is to bring together a wide variety of different projects so that lots of people can be involved in looking after our beautiful county (and planet!)

A number of groups in Hampshire are already in regular contact with us about listing their events on our website and we hope this will grow so that we can become a resource for organizations who are hoping to recruit volunteers. 

Our website address is  Please have a look – you never know, there might be something going on that takes your interest!

Twitter is perfect for us and we have been delighted with the response our tweets get.  Please follow us at @greenhampshire

You can also find us on Facebook as well. 

We hope to hear from you whether you are a volunteer wanting to take action about the causes that you feel passionate about or a group or organization that is looking for more help!

We would love to hear from you with your comments and ideas and to do so you can also use our email -

Green Hampshire 

For the Community

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