Thursday, 6 November 2014

What a Waste of Space! Your chance to help the national campaign with CPRE

The Campaign to Protect Rural England (Hampshire) is asking the media and people throughout the county to give support to an interactive, national campaign run by the CPRE to help protect the countryside.

“Waste of Space” aims to identify derelict or abandoned sites, such as brownfield land, that is ripe for regeneration and could be used before even more green space is covered in concrete. The campaign includes sites occupied by badly designed development that make inefficient use of the space they occupy. CPRE has also written to Councillors in cities, boroughs and districts around Hampshire, asking for support.

CPRE is researching how much brownfield land is actually available using the #Wasteofspace campaign and will publish the results of its research this winter.

This is your chance to help by nominating sites in your area that could be suitable for housing development by:

-       Sending an email to
-       Tweeting @CPRE with the hashtag #Wasteofspace
-       Posting to Facebook #Wasteofspace.

All that is needed is an image of the site (as simple as a quick snap of your smartphone) and an address of the site including postcode and street address. 

CPRE has seen a significant shift by the Government, which now advocates the use of brownfield land as a sustainable resource close to existing infrastructure and transport links, but is calling for prioritisation of ‘brownfield first’ before green countryside is sacrificed for building.

Dee Haas, chairman of CPRE Hampshire said: “More housing is needed in Hampshire and we support the Government's policy that brownfield land should be used for new homes. However, more needs to be done to use suitable sites rather than forcing development into our precious green spaces.”

A brownfield site is defined as: ‘previously developed land, that is land which is or was occupied by a permanent structure, including the curtilage of the developed land and any fixed surface infrastructure.’

For further support and information please telephone CPRE Hampshire on 01962 841897 or visit  CPRE Hampshire is also on Twitter and Facebook.

Notes to editors
CPRE Hampshire is a small, local charity that stands up for your countryside. We work to influence how we plan our communities to make them better places to live and work, to ensure the countryside is protected for all to enjoy for now and future generations. Affiliated to national CPRE, which works to influence central Government policy, CPRE Hampshire is run by a dedicated part-time staff and volunteers who care about the countryside.

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