Sunday, 2 March 2014

Enjoying glorious Swanwick Lakes Nature Reserve

Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust run a number of nature reserves and recently we paid a visit to one at Swanwick Lakes in between Southampton and Fareham. It's easy to find especially as the reserve is near the Air Traffic Control Centre.

The site was at one time an area for clay working but this was abandoned a long time ago and nature has been allowed to reclaim it.  There are a number of beautiful lakes to view, populated by ducks and other birds.

A view of Centre Lake - note Mallards heading over to say hello!
We also had a walk into the woods surrounding Centre Lake. The paths climbed higher and higher to reach the woods on the far side of the lake from the Study Centre and it was easy to feel absorbed in the beauty of nature as we explored more.

Getting gloriously lost on the trail - feeling like we were in Middle Earth..
There is a lot to see and we only were able to cover some of the reserve and are looking forward to a return visit to see more. 

Swanwick Lakes has a study centre near the entrance and we had a look in here as well. The staff were very welcoming and keen to be of help to us.  One particular point of interest was a feeding area for birds set near to a large window in the centre. Sat inside, even on a brisk winter day, it was therefore possible to sit, rather relaxed, watching lots of blue tits and coal tits enjoying a snack. A delightful treat!

Inside the Study Centre - a brilliant resource for schools
For more information please go to their website:

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