Sunday, 23 February 2014

Litter Bugs Me! Competition


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Litter Bugs Me! Competition

Would your school like to take part in an exciting new Gosport “Litter Bugs Me!” competition, that links to the PHSE curriculum? This project particularly relates to Theme 3, “Living in the wider world…. Being a responsible citizen”

Specifically, involvement in this project will give children the opportunity to

a)  recognise their responsibilities as citizens in the community, and
b)  recognise their responsibilities towards their environment

What is ‘Litter Bugs ME! ?”

Litter Bugs Me! forms part of a wider community initiative where a ‘big Clean Up’ is planned for 6th-8th June in Gosport, involving the community in a choice of litter pick on their own ‘patch’ (Friday) Lee on Solent (Saturday) or Gosport Town (Sunday)
To involve children (and schools) in a fun way, a competition has been set up to encourage schools to take part in the lead up to this.
Who is running the competition?
Gosport and Lee Litter Action has joined forces with Gosport Voluntary Action’s 'Give, Gain and Grow' and 'Loud and Proud' volunteer groups. The Clean Up and Litter Bugs Me! competition is a great way to help the environment, and promote volunteering across all age groups.
What are children being asked to do?
There are 3 parts to this project. The project is open to all ages and year groups. Small groups or whole year groups can get involved
Schools organise a litter pick (to be completed by 16th May)
This could be in the grounds of their local school or (preferably) in their neighbouring community
We would love to receive any write ups of the children experiences of the litter pick, and photos of the litter pick in action.
We would also be keen to receive write ups on how children feel about keeping their community tidy- to be collated in an innovative guide for children’s involvement in litter action campaigns!

Using (clean) litter children are asked to be creative and produce a LITTER BUG from loose wrappings/ paper etc
We are not being prescriptive about what a litter bug should look like- we will leave it to the children’s and schools’ imagination! Several entries can be submitted by one school- there are no entry limits
Photographs of the litter bugs will then be submitted to Gosport Voluntary Action for judging. Shortlisted entries will be showcased at the Volunteer Awards Ceremony on 9th June at Gosport Borough Council, where the Mayor of Gosport will choose the winning litter bug designs
All entries will receive a certificate from the Mayor of Gosport and there will be an opportunity for ALL entries (designs or photographs of them) to be exhibited at the Gosport Discovery Centre after 10th June
PART THREE- BIG CLEAN UP- 6th, 7th and 8th June
Children and schools will be encouraged to take part in the wider community ‘Big Clean Up’ weekend, being organised by Gosport and Lee Litter Action, however, this is not compulsory
How do I find out more?
We would welcome schools’ early input, ideas and feedback into this project, and are happy to organise a specific meeting about the competition if there is sufficient interest. Further guidelines and entry details will be available mid March
Please contact any of the Litter Bugs Me! team to find out more :
Team Member
Tel No
E mail

Lisa Hutchinson
Hampshire County Council (Gosport Locality Officer)

384 041
To register initial interest from schools
Sue Greene
Gosport Voluntary Action
(Give Gain Grow)
07910 675079
Litter Bugs Me! Competition Designer

Ian Johnson
Gosport Voluntary Action
023 92 588347
As above
Graham Smith
Gosport and Lee Litter Action Co-ordinator
07584 634336
Litter Pick and Big Clean Up

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Sunny times with the Netley Abbey Beach Cleaning Volunteer Group

After all the storms of recent months, our shores have been left in a mess.  Coasts and cliff faces have fallen and there have been land slips and slides.  There have even been news reports that the government has given up on some areas and decided they may as well be reclaimed by the sea.

Jan from the Netley Abbey Beach Cleaning Volunteer Group
 As well as this chaos, the churn and tumult has disgorged great new quantities of the waste our society creates over our shores and beaches.  Thankfully there are volunteers out there working to try and hold back this tide of litter and Green Hampshire joined up with one such group at the weekend.

The Netley Abbey Beach Clean Volunteer Group are an enthusiastic group of local people who want to help make the best of the shore that the beautiful village of Netley enjoys.  Their area, roughly speaking, runs roughly from Netley Castle to the Royal Victoria Country Park and their organiser, Jan, is always welcoming and enthusiastic.  They have their own equipment with everything that is needed for a session of litter picking.

Adam Manning from Green Hampshire at the clean up. Note actual sunshine!
Despite all the bad weather, their clear up in February was blessed with some revitalising winter sunshine and it was a delightful morning with them working to keep the beach pristine and tackle an environmental problem that’s often all around us.  Litter on our beaches is not only an eyesore. It’s a threat to the wildlife that we are lucky to share our lands with.

Sadly some parts of the centuries' old sea wall that runs along the shore between Weston Sailing Club and Abbey Hall has collapsed over the space of a weekend, a victim of the recent extraordinary meteorology. Part of the original roadway serving Netley Castle it remains to be seen if and when the wall, such a fixture of the area, will be repaired.  Please be careful when exploring the area as a result, especially when in the company of young children.

Part of the sea wall at Netley that has collapsed. Take care!
 It was wonderful to see the University of Southampton’s group for the Marine Conservation Society (USMCS) at the clean up, especially after the atrocious weather conditions at the clean up on Weston Shore the week before.  Amazingly they found an oxygen bottle and diving gear that had seemingly just washed up on the shore adjacent to Netley Castle.

Extraordinary find of diving gear on the shore by USMCS
The Netley Abbey Beach Cleaning Volunteer Group have a Facebook page here: - please be sure to give them a Like especially so you can have an update on when their next clean up is!

USMCS in action at the shore in Netley

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Gosport Volunteering Groups urge schools and community groups to join ‘Litter Bugs Me’ campaign.

The issue of litter, like the thoughtlessly disgarded drinks cans, cigarette butts, sweet wrappers and takeaway containers on our streets and byways, never seems to go away.

Gosport Voluntary Action supported Give Gain and Grow and Loud and Proud volunteer groups and Litteraction are addressing this problem as the focus of Volunteers Week (1st.- 8th June 2014), by organising a  ‘Litter Bugs Me!’ Campaign and Competition to promote the merits of keeping our town or village clean and awareness of the environmental impact of dropping litter. 

Businesses, schools, community and church groups are urged to support the campaign by entering a ‘Litter Bug’ art competition, featuring typical items that can be found discarded on our streets. Businesses can get involved by donating prizes or equipment.

Participants will be encouraged to carry out a litterpick of their own patch and take photographs to accompany their entry.

The entries will be judged with a prize awarded to the ‘Litter Bug’ winner and certificates to all entries, at a special  ceremony at the Gosport Council Chambers  to coincide with National Volunteers Week in June. A display of the entries will be on view at the Gosport Discovery Centre, together with campaign information and photographs

There will also be a Big Clean Up weekend featuring litter picks on 7th June on Lee - on - Solent seafront and 8th June in Gosport.

Loud and Proud member Holly Ure said, ‘This a great opportunity for schools and  groups to have fun creating their own ‘Litter Bug’, while helping to raise public awareness of the need to bin rubbish rather than throw it down in the streets’. 

Groups and Businesses interested in getting involved are invited to an Open Meeting on Wednesday 26th February from 1.30 – 3.00pm at the Masonic Halls, Clarence Road, Gosport, or by contacting Sue Greene on 07910 875079; email