Sunday, 12 January 2014

2014 - a Personal Plan!

Hello there,

Green Hampshire is all about helping to promote conservation and environmental events in Hampshire. We have our website which is the main point of focus for our activities. We are looking to develop this in the future and have lots of ideas on how to expand our means of spreading the word about all the exciting things that are going on in our beautiful county. There is so much enthusiasm and energy for these events and Green Hampshire has always been trying to help that flourish and bloom into action and achievement.

Yet there is more that we can do as individuals, without attending specific events.  With climate change one of the greatest challenges that face us this century, there are a number of recognised programmes for helping individuals, organisations and businesses cut down on the carbon emissions they are responsible for producing.  I am looking into these at present with a view to selecting one to follow and hope to blog about what happens.

I'm also looking at the various programmes that help us reduce our impact on the environment more generally. It's likely that there will be some overlap with the carbon reducing programmes and again I'm looking forward to learning more about what we can all do to live in ways that are less destructive to the natural world.  My hope is that, as an added bonus, this might all save my family some money which is always a bonus during this time of austerity measures!

Thanks to Green Hampshire, it's come to my attention that there are a number of groups and individuals in Hampshire who are leading the way on these issues so there's lots to look forward to.

Adam Manning
Green Hampshire

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